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Lyft is building a strong base against rival Uber

Uber has suffered enough since the start of the year is still struggling to cope up with the things which have been happening against the company. On the other hand, we can see that the rival company Lyft is building a strong base for itself.

The new Chief marketer of Lyft Melissa Waters is want to shift the focus for the company to bring brand awareness among the people rather than being considered as the rival of Uber. It is true that people have a choice to make when it comes to using a ride-sharing service.

It is essential for the companies to provide the best service to the people to make sure that they become as loyal customers. Another aspect which we need to look into is the self-driving program which Lyft has recently signed with Waymo. The latter has already made a mark in the industry with its self-driving and now it is the turn for Lyft to make a mark in the industry in this aspect.

There has been another tie-up which the company has made and that is with the Delta SkyMiles. Each dollar of the fare will generate a mile for the user and there is a bonus of $20 credit for all the new Lyft users as in bonus miles. Lyft has incorporated BCBSA into its system to provide better health care services to the people. It is evident that Lyft is making efforts to bring in a strong hold on its ride-sharing business with brand new possibilities.

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