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Private investigators can also go through the vigor for an investor after considering the investment with the investing group, other high-risk businesses, an investment venture, or fund manager. This way could help the prospective investors in order to avoid becoming a victim of Ponzi or fraud schemes. An experienced and licensed investigator can unveil the risks of investments or the investor may have a suspicious background. This way of investigation is called investigation due to diligence, and also becoming one of the most widespread ways of investigation in the 21st century with the more accurate public reports and schemes.

Private investigators may also engage in different types of works that may or may not associate with the industry. For example, many of the processes that are involved in the work are process serving, subpoenas, summons that are delivered personally, and other such documents that are legal to the parties that are present in the legal case. The personal investigators' workload can also include the tracing of an absconding debtor. Many of the detective agencies are specialized in the particular field of investigation. For example, some personal investigators of agencies deal only with tracing a person and not other works.