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Roles and Types

There are a handful of organizations and firms that specialize in the surveillance of technical measures, which are sometimes called as electronic measures that is more of locating and dealing with unwanted forms of surveillance. The service is conducted by the background intelligence, protection executive, and a small number of law enforcement authorities whose duties include covert installation of eavesdropping devices and some narco-trafficking devices that are used for investigations. And other some private investigators are also known as corporate investigators who are specialized in corporate matters and affairs, which include loss prevention, misconduct of employees, antifraud work, and to prevent violations of law and honor code such as sexual harassments and EEO violations.

And other such things that come under corporate investigations are protecting the intellectual property and the trade secrets of the company, copyright violation investigations, malware and criminal activities that are associated with cyber crimes and forensics works that are associated with the computer. Some private investigators even work as a witness to observe the situations in a different perspective in order to report the actions and activities to the agency or the court to gather evidence that is associated with the antisocial behaviors. And there are some investigators who work indirectly in the field, that without letting the others or even the employees of the detective agency that they are in the work, such investigators are known as undercover investigators and this way of investigating is quite popular in many agencies and even many country's armies and intelligence agencies.