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Whether the drivers of gigantic Ride-sharing Company Uber were paid low?

Recently, Uber has given a statement that it made a great mistake in the unique way it calculated its commissions at the cost of millions of dollars to its New York drivers and made the whole drivers for the lost earnings. The gigantic ride-hailing service has given a statement that it had been taking its step from a series of state taxes more than that of the pretax fare. If a commuter handed over twenty dollars and of about two dollars that represented taxes and the Uber’s Commission was a percentage of the complete twenty million dollars and not of eighteen dollars as it has been. The cumulative difference is a vast one even for the scenarios of packet per ride. The Company has given a statement that it is responsible for paying every penny for its drivers they are owed including the interest as soon as possible. On the other side of the coin Uber’s handling of paying the passenger, payments raise a huge number of queries about the concerned legal issue probably for more substantial one. The Uber’s tie-up with the drivers allows the company in order to deduct of about twenty-five percent commission not from the taxes but from their fare amount. But the drivers’ attorney group in New York exclaimed that the company was making its drivers in order accept the tax burden which is a major practice that amounted to the wage theft. The documents verified by the famous magazine in order to point to such a practice which could have cost the drivers millions of dollars.

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